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We are an innovative and inventive plush toy manufacture and unique design composer, with history more than 15 years, always devoted to high-quality plush toys and gift products exporting, mostly to Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia, qualified to meet test & certificate standard in these areas.
Inspired by the latest and fashionable trends, our design team are always busy dreaming up new ideas & distinctive designs full of joy, style, cuteness and love,spreading our whimsical and irresistible nature to Europe and whole world. Our designers mix and match colors, fabrics, and embellishments to make our toys so adorable,soft and comfortable that consumers simply can’t resist loving on them.
We take responsibility seriously and heartily to keep good quality of our products,striving to meet the needs of our customers and the final consumers and earning good reputation of being a trusted supplier and partner in the past, now and future.
We with pride that we always have a passion and keep our goal and mission to bring joys, fancy fun, fairy tales, imaginative play and emotional connection to children and families all over the world with care, quality, integrity, and love.
We on way and let’s cooperate and enjoy together.


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